Happy New Year 2021!

It would seem that transitioning through 2020 to 2021 has been a little like what we can only imagine re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere would be with all the given opposing forces at play!

Looking back over 2020 with all its shared experiences, as a global community, who could have ever foreseen these dark times on our planet.

The pandemic has impacted on all our lives with bringing huge amounts of uncertainty and fear. Yet once more the rising together of shared light, commitment to empathy, dignity to our welfare, health and education is truly remarkable to see.

Modern technology has really been our saving grace with helping to fight the isolation and loneliness felt by all with a renewed appreciation of all the virtual communications available. In addition, the countless heart-lifting stories of courage, kindness and compassion shown are truly inspiring.

I am forever grateful for all the amazing people & organisations fighting the virus and its impact with saving lives not only on the front line but also all those that are serving our communities as a whole.

It is our human capacity to rise with a tenacious spirit that turns around such adversity into opportunities for new-found strength and fresh beginnings to come.

In my 2020 Blog I asked the question “What is the greatest gift you can bring to this year”?

Given the backdrop experienced collectively it would be great if you could spend some time to consider what that might have been for you?

Perhaps then building on this theme going forward we can hold a “What can I bring attitude of mind” close to our hearts and choose to be a bearer of joy, hope, peace and love, in our unique way, with simple acts of kindness making lives better.

Committing to loving ourselves unconditionally and learning how to rediscover how to live with the essence of who we are will restore a precious inner balance with compassion for ourselves and others.

May 2021 be a year of new discoveries, growth, hope, love and kindness for all no matter what your journey has been so far. There is no place too far away or dark that cannot be reached with the light of love & kindness for a sure pathway home.

Wishing you all wellness & happiness.

Julia x