Happy 2020 to One and All!

As we enter a brand new decade I would like to take this opportunity to catch up, reflect on the distance traveled and appreciate the ever changing landscape to be explored.

It would seem that never have we lived in times that are growing and moving at such a fast pace within one generation and certainly when we compare our grand-parents lives and how their day to day living was so different to ours.

As modern technology and “Tomorrows World” now becomes our reality the challenge remains for us all to be truly alive and embracing of our humanity with all its given intricacies.

To actively value and place respect on the fine qualities of what makes us unique and valuable beyond measure is I believe to be personal liberty and the source of immeasurable strength.

As with all walks of life & professions I have had the privilege of experiencing the growth and development of Coaching and other styles of professional talking to equip individuals to be resourced for 21st Century living with also raising awareness & reducing the stigma around what is termed as our mental health.

From my own journey so far from being qualified in 2007 I am greatly heartened by the positive strides being made to bring an openness to the importance of looking after and protecting our minds just as we acknowledge the value of making good decisions over our physical well-being.

In addition there is now a wealth of learning and readable books & additional resources that again in one generation was not available to the average person and so I am forever grateful for living at this time in history to have benefitted from the accessibility & the Soul food available.

I remain ever grateful for all the Coaching experiences which holds a heartfelt exchange of human lives meeting together in an open, expansive room where hope, peace and personal freedom is found.

There is nothing more sincere and rewarding then to be in a position to cheer on & support personal journeys that are always hallmarked with courage and openness. I am constantly astounded by the strength of our human will power which is our greatest gift and bears tenacity & strength beyond measure.

On that note I would also like to thank everyone who supported me in my new venture of bringing Coaching evenings to St Elli’s Bay in Llanelli for all to be welcomed and so I am pleased to say that I hope to have dates available from next month for 2020 so will be posting soon.

I always like to wrap up with an inspiring quote but on this occasion may be I could just ask a simple question to think on for this gift of a brand new year & decade and so if you could summarize in one word or if you require a couple more then can I ask you - What is the greatest gift you can bring this year?

May be its more of what you already hold close to your heart in terms of your core values or heartfelt endeavours or possible given some time and space the answer will be something that you have not consciously thought about yet!

Either way enjoy the experience of asking your beautiful mind big opening questions for it to be allowed to day dream and run free in all the unique possibilities that you alone can bring to this Jewel in the solar system that we get to live on called Earth! 

 With all the very best wishes,  

Julia x