About Me

Julia Constable is a qualified performance life coach and an independent financial planner offering both cognitive behaviour coaching and money coaching.


Julia is totally committed to seizing the day and maximising the gift of life and all its opportunities. When being coached by Julia, the client will benefit from her own specialised experience in lifestyle planning and also a heartfelt working knowledge of anxiety and stress coaching.


Julia completed her training as a Performance Coach and gained her Diploma as a Professional Coach in 2007. In addition to this, she is also a fully qualified Independent Financial Planner and is the Director and Senior IFA of The Financial Planning Practice Ltd. She has a Diploma in Financial Advice and Certificates in Long Term Care, Lifetime Mortgages, Mortgage Practice and General Insurance

Julia has over 13 years experience coaching professionally, as well as over twenty years experience as a face-to-face financial adviser. She uses both of these experiences to help deliver a professional and “arms around” approach.
Julia has coached personal clients from all walks of life in raising their own awareness of themselves and equipping clients with overcoming tools for living.
Julia is passionate about the workings of the conscious and sub-conscious mind and is committed to building a cognitive behavioural life coaching practice.
Julia’s own personal experience with anxiety has resulted in an appreciation of how finely wired we are as human beings with our mind's being described by Ruby Wax as "This remarkable organ in our heads holding infinite wisdom but so few of us know how to use it. Its similar to having a Ferrari except no one gave you the keys."